Lawrence Tech Hosts Innovation Encounter Competition for Keen Colleges


Representing LTU at the Innovation Encounter were (L-R) Dario DiPaola, Justin Becker, Nada Saghir, Dewight Moyer, and Tony Fakhouri. Karen Evans was the faculty advisor.

Release Date: November 3, 2014

By Katie Jolly

Lawrence Technological University hosted its fifth Innovation Encounter Oct. 24-25, and the home team finished third in the competition.

Innovation Encounter challenges college students to use a creative problem-solving process. In addition, it provides students with experience with the recognition of societal values, business principles and customer awareness.

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The Detroit Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc Joseph B. Olivieri Scholarship

Submission Requirements

        Completed application form.

An official transcript of high school or college grades from most recently completed term of study and, if applicable, an official transcript of completed coursework from school(s) previously attended.

Letter of recommendation, with contact information, from one collegiate reference who has knowledge of your academic performance and career goals.

Essay response of 1,250 words or less, typed in Times New Roman 12 point font to the following question: How will your future work contribute to maintaining the sustainability of the built environment or the environmental control systems within them? Note: Essay response can be an attached document (electronic or hard copy) from a word processor.

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AE Students In The Field

This summer, I traveled home to New York for a Construction job with the New York State Department of Transportation. I was hired as a Transportation Construction Inspector. In this job I would be going out onto job sites and making sure the workers were completing tasks according to the plans and specifications.

At first I was placed in a Planning Office, where I spent most of my time filling out Smart Growth Screening Tool (SGST), learning about Initial Project Proposals (IPP) and preparing for public meetings. SGSTs are documents that answer questions about how a project will impact the environment and a community. IPPs are strictly about a project, including details such as what the project will be, where it is located, costs, and where funds are coming from. I learned a lot about how to complete many different documents and where to find most of the information to complete these documents. Getting a project started out in the field isn’t just about the best option for the task, it’s also about explaining why other alternatives will not be carried out. Some projects could spend over a year just in the planning office before being pushed out to start construction.

After two months of being in the Planning Office, I was put out into the field on a job site. This project consisted of both day and night work due to the heavily populated area. My tasks have included Traffic Control Checklists, Work Zone Safety inspections, and watching laborers carrying out jobs, such as digging out spalls or grinding and temporary painting road lines. In order for a contractor to be paid, the TCIs must put in a pay order for the Engineer in Charge to approve. This is done each night when a daily report is completed.

Overall, I’ve learned a great amount about construction from NYSDOT. I’ve gotten to see what it takes to plan a project and what it’s like to be out on a project.

This is me on the job during the week of day work.

This is me on the job during the week of day work.

This is me on the job during the week of night work.

This is me on the job during the week of night work.