Engineering Society of Detroit Community Outreach

The Engineering Society of Detroit joins with Lawrence Tech in mentoring young students from our local community’s STEM Middle School.  The students participated in the Future City Competition on February 1st, 2017. They were the recipients of the “Architectural Engineering of an Integrated, High Performing City” Award. STEM Middle School Team l was sponsored by Lawrence Technological University. We thank ESD for their ongoing community outreach, and and their endless commitment to cultivating  young engineers.

Award: Architectural Engineering of an Integrated, High Performing City Award

Lawrence Technological University’s STEM initiative is in the community sponsoring future Architectural Engineers.

A Note from Quinn Williamson on Studying Abroad

Copy of IMG_4941I struggle to find words that even come close to adequately expressing how much I gained from studying abroad. People don’t tell you how hard it is to talk about your experiences when you come back from studying overseas. Sure you can show them pictures and tell them about where you went but you’ll never be able to make them feel the same way you did. The awe of seeing structures thousands of years old. The wonder of bustling city streets. The only way I can really describe my trip is life changing. I learned so much and saw so many different perspectives of the world that there’s no way my life couldn’t have changed.

Architecturally, I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to see the variety and spontaneity of European cities. There’s an unmistakable distinction to places where we as mankind have lived, refined, and innovated over thousands of years. Architecture is the common art across all cultures. Observing the infinite subtleties that differ from country to county, city to city, even street to street is so intoxicating. Many a time I found myself drawn across cities, meandering from street to street, following the flows of the architecture, tracing the progression of history and innovation laid in the brick of the walls.

On a more interpersonal level, traveling across Europe fosters independence and really puts the vastness of the world into perspective. The first few times I found myself in a place where I didn’t speak the language were stressful but I quickly grew to embrace the feeling. For me personally it was almost surreal to be able to just listen to the conversations floating about, not quite cacophonous, yet not quite comprehensible either.  I tended to stray far away from the “touristy” icons of cities and really focus on the culture and heritage of the city. Many of my fondest memories stem from painfully basic attempts at conversation that only happen when neither party speaks a language the other can understand.

A lot of people act like they are scared of being placed in an unfamiliar setting. I know that the me from a year ago would never have thought of enjoying the very experiences I now look back on and cherish. The biggest lesson I can pass on is simply to appreciate the experiences you constantly live in. Once you accept that you are what you make of your experiences nothing will ever seem menial or bothersome ever again. To me, this was absolutely the most important thing I changed in my life, there’s so much to experience in life that there’s no time to treat moments as if they’re worthless.

A Note from Megan Dixon President – Kappa Beta Gamma

Megan Dixon Living in North Carolina has been a great experience so far and I would love to live here one day or visit often. I would miss having the snow that you get in Minnesota or Michigan and I guess I would miss my family too, but there are other thing here that I am going to miss at the end of the summer.

Charlotte is a beautiful city with many different activities and places to go. A few weeks ago I went to the Taste of Charlotte. It is similar to a farmers market, but instead of healthy food they have samples of food from restaurants around Charlotte. It is a three day festival with over 100 different food samples, live music, street dancers, and many different activities. The festival takes place in the streets of uptown (downtown Charlotte) and is about 7-8 blocks long. It was a great way to get to know the city and try food from different restaurants in the area.

North Carolina has many state parks and great places to go hiking. When I was younger my family and I used to hike all the time but it has been some time since I’ve been on a good hike and I wanted to get back into it. Seeing that I am spending three months here, I figured North Carolina would be the place to do it. I have been to Crowders Mountain State Park, Lake Norman State Park, and Marrow Mountain State Park since the beginning of the summer and I have loved it! Crowders Mountain is just west of Charlotte and has an abundant of hiking trails. At the end of some of the trails there is another short trail that is very steep and has about 100 steps to get to the top; while the trek up there might have been tough, the gorgeous view was worth it. I am already planning my next trip there before the summer is over.

Lake Norman State Park is another great place to hike with all the trails going around or near the lake. Not only can you hike or bike the trails, but you can also have fun in the lake or camp in the park. I choose to go hiking, but I saw people canoeing and paddle boarding which looked fun. Although I did have fun at Lake Norman, the hiking was considerably harder and I can’t even imagine what biking them would be like.

While I did have fun exploring and hiking up mountains, the reason I came to North Carolina was to gain experience at an internship with Little Diversified Architectural Consulting. Working for an architectural and engineering firm has been a great experience and I know my last few weeks will be just as great. Little is a great company that cares for all of its employees, but most importantly does everything in order to ensure the client’s happiness. Founder Bill Little’s number one priority in his life, besides his family, was making a client happy. He would do everything he could to make the client happy and make sure they got what they wanted out of our designs.

Being at Little has given me a great learning experience. I have been able to work with the electrical and mechanical groups here and they have given me opportunities to learn about what they do on projects. It has also given me the chance to see what discipline I would prefer to pursue with when I graduate. I have figured out that mechanical and electrical are good disciplines, but right now I am still leaning towards structural. I have not been able to work with the structural team, but I am hoping I do before I leave. Not only am I learning a lot about the day to day life of working in engineering, but I am meeting a lot of people as well. There are six other interns working with me in engineering at the charlotte office and one at the Durham office. We have all gotten to know one another, especially since we have “lunch and learns” every week. Lunch and Learns are when someone from Little who works in another department comes and explains to us (the interns) what they or their department does as well as getting lunch.

I am having a lot of fun being in North Carolina and working for a great company. I can’t wait to see where I will be next summer. I am hoping it will be right where I am now, but whatever happens I know I am getting a great experience being here and won’t forget it.

Two Brothers named Fellows for remarkable acts of service

Michael Paciero's distinction on Fellow

The distinction of “Fellow” is reserved for upstanding undergraduate brothers who successfully complete a 500-hour or 60-day service learning project before completing their senior years. At the Brotherhood Luncheon on Friday, Aug. 14, two brothers were honored with the distinction of their remarkable acts of service to the communities around them.

Michael Paciero, Lawrence Tech ‘ 15
As an architectural engineering major at Lawrence Tech, Michael Paceiro has a passion for sustainable development projects. As a Michigan native, he also has a passion for preserving his state. In pursuing his Fellow project, he sought to combine these passions while developing himself as a balanced man.

Paceiro recently led a 50-man team through a sustainability-focused construction project known as “reconstruction” with his chapter brothers and friends. In this method, a building that would otherwise be torn down and sent to the dump in scraps is instead analyzed for the value of its individual parts. Then, using a specialized method, the building is carefully deconstructed to preserve the usable parts of the structure. With these parts in tact, developers are able to design and construct new buildings using the materials.

Paceiro said while the project was focused on sustainable building, he also used the opportunity to educate his team on the grim reality that many Detroit residents are facing concerning the sustainability of their city. The team had the opportunity to interact and build relationships with the local residents during the project, exposing them to the people most impacted by the challenges. The increased awareness has motivated many of his chapter brothers to get involved in other service opportunities in the metro-Detroit area.

Paceiro and his team are now not only working to complete the deconstruction process, but also seeking funding to design and build a prototype house in Detroit utilizing the materials from the project.


Architectural Engineering Graduates Students First Place in Three out of Four Catagories

National Architectural Engineering Institutes Student Design Competition held May 25-27, 2015.

National Architectural Engineering Institutes Student Design Competition held May 25-27, 2015.

It is with great anticipation and pride that capstone advisor Professor Ralph Nelson and his second cohort of Architectural Engineering graduate students informs you of their “First” place in three of the four categories in which they entered, for the national Architectural Engineering Institutes Student Design Competition held May 25-27.
Ralph Nelson

Congratulations to Israel Ortiz, Rebecca Tritt, Hayan Awde, Diana Brazier, Steven Gunther, Andrea Bedi, and Thomas Oziem who competed against Penn State, Univ. of Nebraska, Kansas State University, MSOE, WPI, Drexel, Oklahoma State, and Missouri Science & Technology, all together a total of ten teams. This group walked away with First Place in three out of four categories.

Knowing that many of you were watching from afar (in your company conference rooms or on your PC), the students tremendous efforts, and dedication from full and part-time faculty and industry mentors, is indeed a reason for celebration and for our gratitude. This accomplishment further validates the level of depth and breadth of knowledge acquired by our graduates.

Comments from the judges include: “Three words…Wow, Simple, Elegance, Fun flow taking the tour, Consideration about the neighbors, Loved the Bow Ties :), Enjoyment shines through presentation, Working well together”.

Thank you for your individual support, contributions and well wishes!

Best regards,
Prof. Filza H. Walters, FESD

Deconstruct In Detroit

Are you interested in construction and sustainability? Pioneer Material Renewal is a group here on campus that is also interested in that too. They will be deconstructing a house and reconstructing it using the original material. They will be starting the deconstruction Saturday March 7th and will be working on it all spring break.

Here is the youtube video of the project and the history behind it:

Here is the volunteer registration link:


Full-Time Job Opportunity at IBI Group

A full-time Mechanical Engineering  job opportunity has opened up at IBI Group. Attached below is the information about the position and IBI Group. If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your resume as soon as possible to:

Human Resources Atten: Kendra Paguaga,,

-and- to expedite the process, please copy

Mr. Charles ‘Chuck’ McKale, (contact information below)
LTU Adjunct Professor and IBI’s Mechanical Department Manager

Contact Information/Send Resume:
Dennis Charles McKale, PE, LEED®AP
Mechanical Department Manager
25200 Telegraph Road-Suite 200
Southfield MI 48033 United States
mob 586 229 9232
tel +1 248 936 8000 ext 8470 fax +1 248 936 8111

IBI Mechanical Graduate Engineer_Designer