Michigan I-Corps@LTU

Michigan I Corps @ LTU
Have a New Product Idea, Innovation , or Business Concept?

Form Your “Innovation Team,” Enroll in Michigan I-Corps@LTU, and begin Your Future Today

  • An LTU mentoring program based on a proven curriculum promoted by the National Science Foundation
  • Intensive real-world, results-oriented 9-week-long Saturday morning workshops held throughout the year
  • Employs the nationally  Business Model Canvas to shape your product and business success
  • Open to innovators, entrepreneurs, companies, and all LTU students, alumni, and faculty
  • All teams matched with industry mentors
  • $1000 cash prize to the best team
Focused Results

Michigan I-Corps@LTU addresses the key factors that enable startup businesses to succeed. You will:

  • Develop a greater understanding of your innovation
  • Find your customers and market/s
  • Discover what it takes to commercialize your innovation and the barriers to adoption
  • Save years and money by developing a structured business model
  • Expand your network

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