ChiliFest Thank You_50

We would like to thank all of the students, professors, professionals and friends of AEI for an exceptional evening. The purpose of this event was not only to introduce students to the support community of professional engineers from local Architectural Engineering firms, but to further connect those within our program by relaxing and enjoying the season. We would like to extend a special thank you to those who were able to bring a dish to pass and add it to the wonderful buffet; the food was excellent and the pumpkin carving and fresh roasted pumpkin seeds helped to ring in Halloween.


We do this every year, and we have to say that the highlight of this event is always the luxury of spending time in the historical Affleck home with our many close friends. An architectural icon, the Affleck house was constructed in 1941 by the famous Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Upon being commissioned to design the house, Frank Lloyd Wright asked Mr. and Mrs. Affleck to find a site that no one wanted or a site that no one could build on. The result was one of his many famous architectural works that beautifully integrate the house with the land around it.


Located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, the house is luckily just a short drive from campus. In 1978, after the passing of the original owners of Elizabeth and Gregor Affleck, the Affleck children donated the home to Lawrence Technological University in an effort to preserve it. With most of the house being constructed of wood both inside and out the home needs constant maintenance. Since its original construction, parts of the house have been restored by both students of Lawrence Tech and professionals. Every year our organization holds this annual event to ring in the fall season and we couldn’t ask for a better venue to do so since the Affleck house shows the perfect mix of architecture and engineering.


Once again, thank you everyone for coming and allowing us to share the evening with you, the house was alive with the spirit of fall, laughter and great conversations. We hope to see everyone around campus and involved with our tours and future events as we continue this exciting adventure as students of Architectural Engineering and members of Lawrence Tech University’s chapter of Architectural Engineering Institute.


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